Zombie Up - Retro Shooter Combat


Do you like zombie’s world? This is your wonderful zombies’ game! Don’t let them drag you to the well!
Tap the screen of your phone, tablet or iPad to propel your character to avoid falling into the well.
The well of the zombies is a game based on a well full of zombies that want to eat your brain, so don’t let these disgusting beings play with your character.
Become the best gunman of the well of the zombies and avoid the electrified fence set up by the zombies so you can’t get away.
Play without stopping, it’s free and you don’t have to purchase anything to keep playing.
Get surpass the achievements and the best score in the world, thanks to the Liderboard.


• Gameplay in HD
• Simple and intuitive GUI
• Shoot without reloading the gun
• Share the achievements on Facebook and Twitter
• Fun without limits
• Fun and addictive game
Be the best shooting without limits against these Zombies of the well; they are hungry and they won’t hesitate to eat your sweet brain. At the same time, you will have to watch the fence in order to not to get trapped and fall into the well.
Enjoy like a child escaping the zombie fever that has swept the world. They are all locked up in the well and you have to try not to fall into.
This is an amazing game to be merciless with the screen of your smartphone. When you start to play, you can’t stop!
Zombie Up has not violent images. Appropriate for almost all ages.